The more documents you can provide, the better. If you are unsure which documents correlate to the examples below, it is recommended that you send all of the documents that you have; our team will be able to extract what they need to prepare your file.

Original Contract/Purchase Agreement

Maintenance Fee Statement

Warranty/Sale/Grant Deed*

*if applicable

Remaining Mortgage Balance*

*if applicable

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There are several ways to upload your documents. You can scan them, fax them, or use a camera to take clear pictures of your documents. If you choose to take pictures of your documents, please make sure the entire document is in the picture, the document is flat, the flash is used (eliminates shadows), and the pictures are sent using the highest available resolution. If you are using a smartphone, there are several applications that can be used to complete this step as well.


Upload documents from your computer, directly to our server, by clicking the button below.


Email the documents directly to your Cancellation Specialist.


Fax your documents to (877) 935-0542.